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In Home Care Provider Advice: Planning Holiday Travel for Your Senior Parents

Dec 13, 2018 by Alan White

Holiday travel may have some obstacles and challenges; however, your parent’s in home care provider in Canton, GA may have the solutions.  If you are deciding whether to do some traveling this holiday season with senior family members, it can help a lot to come up with a plan to best accommodate them.


Do Your Research

Before making your holiday travel plans, consider the options and do a little research.  Decide first where you are going and the best way to travel there.  If traveling by car, is this convenient for your parent and if so, what accommodations if any do you have to make for them?  Do you need to make additional rest stops, or have special food or snacks in the car?  If traveling by plane, is this a direct flight? Will your parent need accommodations to and from the gate?  And in addition to this, will you be your mother or father's traveling companion or will their in home care provider be assisting them?  Being prepared beforehand is a sure way to have a smoother trip during the holidays.


Manage Stress

Holiday travel is stressful for most people, in fact, the hustle and bustle can overwhelm anyone.  Your in home care provider may suggest picking a day less busy to travel to reduce your mother or father’s anxiety levels as well as yours.  If you are stressed, this may trigger your parent and cause a ripple effect. Remember that the point of travel is to share positive moments with your family members, so don’t stress too much about the small things that may go wrong.


When scheduling holiday activities, attempt to keep your mother or father on the same daily schedule to which they are accustomed.  It is not necessary they participate in all activities.  Allow your mom or dad the ability to do what they are capable of and have their in home care provider assist them with their challenges and lessen their obstacles while traveling during the holidays.


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