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Senior Caregivers Advice: When Your Parent Forgets to Take Their Medication

Oct 12, 2018 by Alan White

It is not unusual for your parents to forget to take their medication or resist taking newly prescribed drugs.  Statistically, senior caregivers suggest that older adults may understand that it is essential to take their pills as prescribed by their medical team. However, they often find personal excuses why they should not.  For some, it’s the escalating drug costs and lack of adequate insurance coverage.  For others. It’s the way the chemical formulation makes them feel, odd, funny, or just not like themselves.


Your mother or father’s medical team advises that this can be unsafe and that your mom or dad should never make the decision on their own when or when not to take their medication.  Before making a choice to stop, cut-back or take as needed, it is recommended that your loved one should be reassessed and if needed develop an in home care system to keep your mother or father’s medication safe.


When your parent has their medications reassessed their medical team may identify that particular drugs are interacting with each other causing those strange feelings of oddness.  If this is the case, one drug may be eliminated.  However, it may be the timing of the medication, and timing is crucial for various drugs to work correctly.  This is another reason that senior caregivers are excellent support systems for your loved ones.  For an aging person to try to remember when to take each pill at different times of the day can be not only difficult but annoying.  But this is routine for the senior caregivers, and they make it easy for your parent to adapt.


For your mom or dad, drug names are complicated as well as difficult to read.  Generic drugs often change in color and shape based on the distributor so one dosage may look one way, another may look different, and with their poor eyesight they may not know what they are looking at or taking.  This is not only dangerous for their health but can be life threatening.  With the assistance of the senior caregivers in Canton, GA, your parent will be safer while taking medication.


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