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Dementia Care: What Is It and What Does It Take?

Jul 6, 2017 by Alan White

When deciding who will provide home care for your loved one with dementia, one choice is the family, and that may include a family member, partner, neighbor, or friend. The other is a professional caregiver, someone that is paid to manage a host of responsible services. In most cases when hiring a dementia care provider, the expectations are much higher and demanding than they are for a family member.

Dementia is a disease that affects and impacts the interactions of the family. In the beginning, your loved one may know they are in the process of losing their thoughts but holds on to what they know for as long as they can and leans on someone they can trust. If this person is their care provider, there is added stress on this individual. It is crucial to obtain the awareness training and support on this disease to support your loved one and those caring for them.

As a family dementia care provider you must be alert throughout the day to make sure that your parent or loved one with dementia is safe and well. Home caregiving is a full-time job. Learning how to communicate and assist your loved one isn’t an easy process, as you must follow their lead and not assume you know what they mean and fill in the blanks.

A professional caregiver can mean less stress for you. Dementia care providers will be able to help your loved one with their daily activities, allowing them to thrive safely. This will allow you to be there for your loved one, but also care for yourself. Families and other loved ones can fall by the wayside if you are with your mother or father all the time, and caregivers can provide part-time or full-time support so that you can keep your life balanced without compromising your parent’s quality of life.

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